The prevailing “Town and Land Planning” and “Streets and Buildings” laws define the terms and conditions under which radio-communication stations may be erected. Building permits must be secured for all stations, whilst for some stations with particular characteristics a town planning license is also required.

Netfon is familiar with all the relevant provisions of the above laws, of the corresponding regulations and decrees and of the procedures involved in securing town planning licenses and building permits for radio-communication stations and is capable and experienced to carry out this task for the customer in a professional and timely manner.

Netfon’s involvement would be to collect or prepare all supporting material needed to apply, to complete the application form for the customer and to submit it to the relevant authorities. The association of Netfon does not terminate with the application, but continues with the further pursue of the application till its approval, by contacting the authorities in regular intervals, answering to questions and supplying any additional information required.

Once assigned with a licensing task, Netfon assures that applications will be submitted fully documented and promptly. However, the time needed to secure the license is beyond Netfon’s control and depends solely on the internal procedures and work load of the respective authorities.