About Us

Netfon Services Ltd was founded in May 2000 with initial activity the provision of consulting services in telecommunications to customers in Cyprus and abroad. Its services were subsequently expanded to include supporting services in electronic communications.

Netfon is constantly expanding to meet the ever increasing needs of its customers. The company employs adequately trained full-time professionals and although relatively new and compact, Netfon has dared and achieved significant deliverables.

Netfon’s prime achievement has been the services provided to Areeba (now epic), the second mobile telephony operator in Cyprus, to secure the license and to enter and establish itself in the highly dominated by the incumbent mobile telecommunications market in Cyprus.

Netfon is the first Cyprus Company to be certified as an Accredited Laboratory for Electromagnetic Field Measurements according to the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

In 2013 Netfon won the tender issued by Cyta for the provision, installation and maintenance of the Ground-to-Air equipment of the Civil Aviation of Cyprus. The complete system, comprised more than 170 R&S Series4200 digital transmitters, receivers and transceivers in the VHF and UHF bands, as well as antennas, multicouplers, filters, cables and all necessary accessories. The system is currently working to the full satisfaction of Cyta and the Civil Aviation under a 5-year maintenance agreement.

Kyriakos Christodoulides, Executive President of Netfon, commented: "Rohde & Schwarz has been an invaluable partner, having a proven history of providing advanced communications equipment globally. This project emphasizes the importance of quality, service and support. We are very proud that both Cyta and Rohde & Schwarz have entrusted us with this challenging task, which we have completed to the full satisfaction of all concerned."