For every proposed station in Cyprus a study must precede its installation, in order to ensure that the total exposure of public to electromagnetic fields (EMF) is kept within acceptable limits after the proposed station is put into operation.

Thus, every operator intending to establish a new transmitting station must perform EMF strength measurements in the area of the proposed installation, calculate the EMF strength contribution of the proposed station and prepare a study, estimating the anticipated overall EMF public exposure in the area (current status plus proposed installation). If the overall spectrum exposure quotient, does not exceed 30% of the national limit, no EMF restrictions are placed upon the installation of the new site; otherwise, the estimation report has to be submitted to the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, Department of Electronic Communications (DEC) for evaluation and approval.

Netfon carries out the measurements as briefly described in the Measurement Methodology section, exposure quotients are calculated and the Spectrum Exposure Quotient is augmented with the value of the expanded uncertainty so as to achieve 95% confidence. Subsequently, the exposure quotient anticipated from the installation of the new site is estimated (as per standard EN 50420 and the instructions by the DEC) and is added το the expanded measured value. Τhe sum thus obtained is compared with the national exposure limit whose value is unity (1). Based on this comparison, an appropriate statement regarding the expected estimated exposure of public to EMF in the vicinity of the proposed station is made.

Up to the end of 2019, Netfon has prepared more than 250 reports for proposed stations.