In Cyprus, all operators must perform electromagnetic field (EMF) strength measurements in the vicinity of all their transmitting stations, evaluate the exposure of public to EMF, compare it with the national exposure limit and report the findings to the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, Department of Electronic Communications (DEC). These measurements are carried out every 6 months for those stations that lie within 200m from residential areas and every 12 months for the rest

Netfon carries out the measurements as briefly described in the Measurement Methodology section. Exposure quotients are then calculated; the Spectrum Exposure Quotient is subsequently augmented with the value of the Expanded Uncertainty so as to achieve 95% confidence and is compared with the national exposure Llmit whose value is unity (1). Based on this comparison, an appropriate statement regarding the evaluated exposure of public to EMF at the points of measurement is made.

Netfon has been carrying out this task for mobile telephony operators, as well as for a number of radio and television stations, organised groups and individuals since 2005. We are proud to say that are the most experienced company in Cyprus in this field.

Up until the end of the end of 2022, Netfon has carried out more than 33.000 EMF measurements and has submitted appropriate reports to the DEC. All reports have received the positive evaluation of the DEC, both for their results as well as for their presentation.