Maintenance agreements are prepared in order to cover the companies’ increasing support needs due to the volume of the installations as well as their need for immediate response and problem solving. These agreements can cover needs such as immediate replacement of equipment, 4-hour response time, consulting and design of expansions or new services, general troubleshooting of VoIP networks and many others. The types of agreements depend on the time that these services may be offered and the total annual duration in man-hours. Netfon offers two types of maintenance agreemens, both on an annual basis with response time of 4 hours and a minimum of 10 hours support. One contract covers working days and hours, whereas the other covers all hours of the day (24/7). This type of contract does not include any support hours with regards to the replacement of the terminal equipment. If this is something that is needed, please contact Netfon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to include this in the maintenance agreement.