In today's tough business environment, choosing the right telephone is vital. Whether it is for your CEO, your Managers, your Reception or your staff. IP Phones come in different forms and types. Some need an external Power Supply, where others can also power themselves via the Ethernet cable (Power Over Ethernet - POE). Also all phones come with two Ethernet ports, allowing you to connect a second device to the phone, such as your PC or laptop. Hence the question is: "Do I need Gigabit connection or shall I buy phones that only support 10/100Mbps?". There is no right or wrong answer to the above, the asnwer simply depends on your current and future needs.

Netfon can assist you choose the ideal set of IP phones for your business. Being official resellers of 4 of the most reputable brands in the world and with more than 100 phones to choose from, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for.

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