Exelysis Premium Platform is a turnkey solution to administrate, handle and monitor premium telecom services. It is able to provide advanced functionality, extended reporting, great stability and large scalability.

Key features of Exelysis Premium Platform
  • Multi-level, Multi-relationship User Management and Commissioning
  • Real-time Carrier, User, Content Provider Commission Clearing
  • Real-time Number Provisioning Capabilities
  • Real-time Reporting for Telecom Resources and Revenue
  • Advanced Drill-Down Reporting System
  • Multi-Service Extendable Platform
  • Multi-Tenant Capabilities
  • Easy to use Web Interface

Exelysis Premium Platform is not just a Web Interface to handle your telecommunication infrastructure and customers but a tool to increase revenue.

  • Give your customers and content providers the ability to monitor their performance and improve it
  • Monitor service trends and patterns of usage and adapt quicker than your competition
  • Deliver services in zero time 
  • Minimize IT and Development cost
  • Build new services quickly, securely and easily
  • Monitor advertisement result and make the right decisions
  • Focus on Business and not the Technology behind it

Exelysis Premium Platform simplifies your business and improves your visibility.

The Platform receives the inbound calls to the Premium Number, detects the number dialed and follows an Execution Plan Based on the Exelysis IVR. An Execution Plan can be a simple "play a message" and "transfer the call" to a content provider, or can be an advanced application with several steps, communication with external resources or use of advanced features of the Exelysis IVR platform like recording, conferencing, video call, text to speech functionalities or even voice recognition.

During the call, Exelysis Premium Platform provides a Real-time Interface to view all active calls and listen to them live for quality control.

When the call ends, the platform calculates the cost, revenue share and any other income or outcome derived from that call, giving the exact expected income in real time to all related users like Premium Number Owner, Advertiser, Content Provider, Carrier and Premium Number Service Provider.