Exelysis Audit Platform is an integrated call logging and recording platform, suitable for any PBX installation.

Supporting active recording for any interface and protocol (SIP, H323, TDM, POTS) and passive recording for SIP Protocol, it is the ideal recording solution for multiple concurrent calls with safety and high scalability as main priorities.

Exelysis Audit Platform allows the recording of either single or groups of extensions, giving at the same time the ability to set different call recording announcement messages to each of them.

Through an advanced user, role and rights management, each user can, depending on his/her classification, listen to, download, send through email or inspect particular calls belonging to either a call group or specific users. Additional User, Role and Rights management can enable calls to require authorization from, or notify, a third party when someone performs specific actions.

Exelysis Audit Platform is an essential tool for every PBX where security is paramount. For this, every call is stored encrypted and Exelysis Audit Platform automatically decrypts it only when needed, logging every user movement for second level auditing purposes.

Exelysis Audit Platform has been successfully implemented and functioning on legacy and VoIP enabled PBX such as Asterisk, OpenSIPs, Avaya, Siemens, Ericsson, Aastra, Samsung, Panasonic and other.