Advanced Automatic Call Distribution
  • Every call with its own queue
    With Exelysis Contact Center, each call is flagged according to its unique features (area, purpose, language etc.) and is distributed to the most appropriate agent.
  • Agent Groups to distribute calls
    An agent group acts like a tag that marks calls, specifying which agents can handle a call and with what priority.
  • No static queues
    All calls tagged with an agent group will be added to a dynamic queue, which works on a FIFO basis with respect to the specified priority.

Exelysis Modular IVR provides a platform to effortlessly build rich interactive IVR systems allowing the user to manipulate call flow without necessarily interacting with the caller.

The building blocks of the IVR are modules that perform specific functions and follow some simple flow rules. There are:

  • IVR modules
  • Flow control modules
  • Call control modules
  • Database control modules
  • Variable manipulation modules

Modular IVR provides access to database, session variables, rich interaction with PBX, voice playback and recording, DTMF recognition and visual representation of design elements. The structure of the IVR script (IVR descriptor) is stored as XML, and can be edited directly with a text editor. Complementary, a visual designer is provided, giving an intuitive representation of the comprising modules and basic error checking.