Inbound Call Handling 
With Exelysis Contact Center Inbound call handling you can differentiate, enqueue and distribute inbound voice traffic. The sophistication level of the handling can range from basic, with certain call queues and priorities, to much more intelligent as described in "Advanced Queuing".

Outbound Call Handling
The Exelysis Contact Center outbound call handling provides the ability to originate voice traffic. The outbound call can be performed manually (through click to dial functions) or in an automated way through Predictive, Preview and Broadcast dialing.

Predictive Dialing
The Predictive Dialing feature, included in the Exelysis Contact Center, is the ideal "partner" of a call center as it executes automated outbound calls which are connected to the available agents only when they are answered.

Using an Exelysis algorithm, it predicts how many outbound calls must be executed to ensure that the percentage answered will constantly keep the agents busy with the minimum amount of silent calls.

This way, call centers using the Exelysis Predictive Dialing feature triple their productivity and conclude outbound campaigns in less than one third of the time.

Advanced Queuing
The Exelysis Contact Center includes a dynamic queuing system, with each call being flagged according to its unique features (area, purpose, language etc.) and distributed to the most appropriate agent.

This is achieved as agent groups are the basic means of enqueuing and distributing calls. An agent group acts like a tag that marks calls, specifying which agents can handle a call and with what priority.

Modular IVR Platform
In the Modular IVR structure of the Exelysis Contact Center you can select a different module (message, speech recognition, data query, text to speech, music on hold etc.) to include in each step of the IVR tree.

Call Recording
The recording feature of the Exelysis Contact Center gives you the ability to record calls with the flexibility to choose the exact part of the call you want to record. You can record the whole duration of all calls, you can record specific calls, you can record specific parts of calls or you can record on demand by using the Agent Toolbar. All recordings are stored separately and are easily accessible and retrieved.

Advanced recording with Auditing and Encryption is offered through the Exelysis Auditing Platform.

Campaign Management
The Exelysis Contact Center gives the ability to create and manage outbound campaigns through uploading lists, setting calling rules, scheduling of call patterns. Additionally, through the ability for easy integration with 3rd party software, it facilitates the campaign creation and control directly through the integrated CRM program.

Real-time and Historical Monitoring and Statistics
With the Exelysis Contact Center you get tools which allow you to monitor in real-time the operation of your contact center.

  • The Agent Monitor gives you the ability to see all information about each agent (status, login time and duration, calls handled, unavailable time etc.) and manage them to ensure maximum performance.
  • The Real-time Monitor shows you a full view of the system and its operation. It informs you on the number of resources, the total calls handled, the current queues, the performance of your outbound campaigns and other important information of your contact center's operation.

Apart for the monitoring, there are numerous statistics which can be extracted to help you take the correct decisions in the management of your contact center.

Exelysis Contact Center is offered with an open database scheme which allows the customer to produce any report necessary for the monitoring of the call center performance.

Multi tenant
The Exelysis Contact Center is able to host multiple totally isolated instances of contact center application giving the flexibility to manage large contact center as multiple smaller ones, providing distributed call center infrastructure with centralized management.